Ray from Seven Acres Farm

Ray from Seven Acres Farm Ray is kind of our resident sage on the Collective; his grin and his eye-sparkle a prelude to a story. Ray’s life in a farming, then commercial, then farming again, environment, means we have the wisdom of someone who has a breadth of experience to draw upon. We need that…


Finmaw Farm

Finmaw FarmPam, Tyler and Hannah, the Mawdsley family of Finmaw Farm have been with the Collective since Day Dot. Day. Dot. The Mawdlseys have been through every stage, every iteration of the Collective’s journey and processes and every crazy change of plans.It really doesn’t feel like a quorum unless they’re there.I distinctly remember the first…


Narelle – Wild Earth Mother

Narelle – Wild Earth MotherAll farmers and makers on the Collective are entrepreneurs; but I reckon none so natural in this skillset as Narelle from Wild Earth Mother. She’s a fabulous force.Fermenting for many, feels like magic. But Narelle coaxes and harnesses this skill into bottles of colourful and bubbling brilliance. A natural teacher, she…


Beatrice & Peter from Wattlebank Farm

On the Collective, we knew if we were patient, then they would come. We’d waited and waited for a real, bona fide, mushroom grower; a grower of interesting mushrooms, a cultivator of fungi-awesomeness. Surely a mushroom grower would come our way. We would have to wait until 2020, when Beatrice and Peter made the move…


Trish from Sanctuary@Waratah

There’s a 2015 edition of Epicure in The Age, with a big roast chook on the cover, that provocatively decides to answer, “Why this chicken is worth $40” and the author, food writer Richard Cornish, in the article, declares that, “This is some of the best chicken I have seen in Australia”

The chicken in question is a Mirboo Pastured Poultry chicken, and the farmer is Ilan Goldman; he’s been on the Prom Coast Food Collective since the very beginning.