Why do we Do What We Do?

The Short Answer?

For soil health and biodiversity.
For clean waterways.
For vibrant regional communities.
For farmers to be price-makers, not price-takers.
For health and taste.
For when you open your Collective order, and you know the name of the farmer who grew your food and you smile.
For this.

The Long Story

We do what we do on the Collective as we do not want our food supply to be in the hands of corporations, who put profit before people, the environment and nutrition.

The concentration of power erodes diversity and shuts out small producers from the means of production.

The increased homogenisation of food is, well, boring. Put simply. Boring for your tastebuds, harmful to biodiversity, and downright devastating for rural and regional communities.

Supporting family farms directly mitigates against this. It really really really does. You are POWERFUL in your ability to use your consumer dollar more wisely. ‘Local food’ isn’t new…it isn’t a gimmick…food produced by farming families reduces food miles, food waste, encourages organic and regenerative land stewardship, invigorates communities and strengthens relationships in families, consumers and the relationship one has to what nourishes you. All food used to be this way.

Small tweaks often. Start shopping for food differently. One change at a time. Get to know one farmer per month by name and ask them how they’re doing whilst you pick up your milk, eggs, bacon, apples, olive oil, cheese, chicken.
You’ll eat better and see the world differently. And don’t we all want that?