Certified Organic Nasaa #3714 PRODUCE BAG (seasonal)


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Farm fresh Nasaa Certified Organic #3714. Local and seasonal, so our produce will vary throughout the year. Our veggies are all grown from seed that we plant, grow and harvest on our farm. We only pick what is sold (so you know it’s fresh) and deliver to the PCFC straight from our farm (low food miles). We only sell what we grow…

Examples of veggies that might be in your produce bag at this time of the year are: carrots, lettuce mix, Japanese turnips, kale, beetroot, silverbeet, beans, garlic scapes, spring onions …. Types, quantity and weights of each of the veggies will vary from week to week according to the value. Your produce will be at least the $ value …often more.

We love to promote use of the whole vegetable. For example the stalks of silverbeet, leaves of beetroot, spring onions and celery the stems of broccoli can all be used in your meals. Less waste and your dollar goes further.

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