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Breast Fillets from our free ranging chickens. All raised, grown and processed all here on farm. 4 breast fillets per pack.

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Sold per pack_x4 frozen free range chicken breast fillets per pack. Vac packed. Packs vary from 650 – 790gm/pack (average 163 – 198 gm/breast)

How are the animals farmed:
Here at U Goose, all of our gaggles of geese are allowed to waddle around free range on our pastures over our historic South Gippsland Property . We allow each gaggle and group to, swim, mate and exhibit their natural instincts in daily as nature intended. Geese are grazing animals and cannot be confined or restricted – we allow them to be geese – so they are happy and feel that this is reflective in our products.

Geese are all (goslings & breeders) rotationally grazed with our cattle operations to improve the soil, bug, microbe and sustainability of our soils, and the goose manure and what they bring to our soil health is beautiful. Dried & aged goose manures from the geese, post composting are used as the main fertiliser here across the entire property

We are completely integrated here on farm and the largest most integrated goose meat operators in Australia. We are in charge of every stage of the goose production cycle from conception to the plate and are immensly proud of this.

We also grow several other species of game and poultry all of which are also free range birds. Our chickens are are free ranged, whilst colder months do pose a challenges on the ross/cobb breed of chickens, they are allowed to be as free range daily from 2 weeks of age to the time of processing.

Other species are pheasants. We invested in Moore pheasants a the beginning of 2023. They are also free ranging and live in large paddocks which are netted to protect them from ground and aerial prey (we think of them a little like raptor dinosaurs!!)

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