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A WASTE FREE shaving soap and brush kit. 100% FREE from plastic and aluminium cans. No palm oil. No boar or horse hair we’re used in the making of shaving brushes. All items in our kit are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.

Our shaving soap is a crisp earthy combination of pure essential oils, lush moisturising butters and oils to create a thick creamy lather for a smooth refreshing shave. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and tingly, free from irritation and shaving rashes. Perfect for sensitive skins.

Each Kit Contains

1 x shaving brush

1 x shaving soap in a tin

1 x calico carry bag

A great travel companion for those on the go !


This method of shaving may take an extra bit of time but well worth the effort.

1 Wet – moisten bristled under warm to cold running water and swirl the brush over the soap ( May need to do a couple of times to get the right consistency).

2 When you are satisfied with the amount of lather on the bristles transfer to your face or legs for the ladies and swirl over areas to be shaved.

3 Keep swirling until you reach the desired amount of lather.

4 Shave, rinse, dry and enjoy the invigorating feel of an old fashioned shave.

And yes Ladies this for you too, as I have used this personally on my legs, pits and bikini line xx


Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, sunflower oil and glycerine. Pure essential oils of peppermint, cedar wood, patchouli and sweet orange.

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